Programming and Exciting Things

Personal CV of Yuksel Saliev

June 2015 – Present

Solution Architect

  • Dealing with high amount of traffic.
  • Support and maintenance internal systems.
  • Generate statistics based on user generated events.
  • Rewrite part of core systems and implement GoLang.
  • Optimize usage of RabbitMQ / Python workers.
  • Creating/optimizing UnitTest for Python/PHP codebase.
  • Working closely with IT Ops team for monitoring on critical parts of Mansion internal systems.
  • Create and maintain composer packages/wordpress plugins for user tracking.
September 2014 – June 2015
(10 months)

Senior Developer

  • Developing internal cms and client sites.
July 2013 – September 2014
(1 year 3 months)

PHP / Python / JAVA (Android SDK) Developer

  • Developing internal systems for pCloud : tranlation system, support portal for our support team
  • Writing integrations with JIRA
  • Rewrite backend of ImatchU
  • Redesign of pCloud website
April 2011 – July 2013
(2 years 4 months)

PHP / Python / JAVA (Android SDK) / Python Developer

  • Write and support android app av. on
  • Create some internal apps based on Python (desktop) for OCR-ing
  • Working with smart cars (Grabo club cards)
  • Rewrite internal API for using with Android and IOS
  • Develop new modules for frontend and backend part of
  • Developed new modules and support old ones for projects (,
  • Rewrite backend of
  • Rewrite flash based video chat of using Adobe Media Server
  • Written some statistics for
April 2010 - Mart 2011
(1 year)

PHP Developer

  • Developed website of National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" - Bulgaria
  • Developed website of Youth theater "Nikolay Binev" - Bulgaria
  • Backend work for
  • Support/install Ubuntu based local servers in theatres for bgbileti project