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RapidSSL Intermediate Certificates for Nginx

Published on 31.08.2015
Here is copy of RapidSSL Intermediate Certificates

SSL Certificate checker:

Python as fake syslog server

Published on 18.08.2015
Simple and quick script which simulate syslog server.
It can be started with --udp --tcp

Use forked git projects in composer

Published on 27.04.2015
We want to use your fixed version before project owner accept your pull request.
Open your composer.json file and in "repositories" array add: after that go to "require" section and use your branch/version like this: Remember: Do not change original user in require section.
After that just composer update and tada :) You will use your fork.

RabbitMQ & docker

Published on 24.04.2015
I just publish Dockerfile for RabbitMQ which use Ubuntu 14.04 as base image
Usage and details can be viewed at

Android swipe/pull to refresh

Published on 08.03.2015
In this post I will describe how to use SwipeRefreshLayout which is part from support library too.
Using this new layout is pretty easy and this is a standard way to implement common Pull to refresh pattern.
We must know: SwipeRefreshLayout is a ViewGroup layout which can hold only one scrollable view as children.
Example layout file with Swipe Refresh

We can set OnRefreshListener to listen when user wants to refresh content

If we want we can use it to display refreshing content before user iteract. For this we can use setRefreshing method