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PHP Singlethon implementation

Published on 12.11.2015
Example of quick singlethon implementation in PHP
Availible also in

Mysql to MongoDB exporter

Published on 02.11.2015
I just finished with simple python class for exporting MySQL tables to MongoDB
It can be use as part of project or as saparate command line application.

More information can be found at

Quick clear all docker logs

Published on 26.10.2015
Docker keep all stdout in -json.log files and there is quick way to clear them if they are not added in logrotate already.

Install latest nginx version on Ubuntu 14.04

Published on 09.09.2015
We know that sometimes the guys from ubuntu don't update repositories with latest versions of software, so there is quick way to use official nginx repo for installing it.

Installation of latest version of Go Lang on Ubuntu

Published on 05.09.2015
Installing Go on Ubuntu is pretty easy. We can do that with apt-get manager but i preffer to do it with downloading from official site.
Last version of the time of writing this is 1.5. So we can download it from
After that we must unpack it into /usr/local

After that we must set some env variables.
And finally we have it: