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Replace ubuntu default apt urls with Digital ocean mirros

Published on 24.02.2015
I'm using DigitalOcean for my VPS's, they provide local mirror for ubuntu.
With this simple command we can replace default ubuntu apt urls with their mirror. It's usefull for docker images.

Installation of Docker on Ubuntu 14.04

Published on 24.02.2015
According to documentation installation process of docker on Ubuntu/Debian based OS's is pretty easy. We can install it with apt-get:
After that we can just pull some image from repo and play with it. For example
or if you want only last ubuntu version We can check downloaded images with
Result will be like: And after that we can create some ubuntu container with

Use rsync on non standart port

Published on 21.01.2015
I want to get out from my current hosting provider - Superhosting servers but I'm super lazy and instead of making tar.gz / zip archives and moving them via wget for example I prefer to use rsync. Everything is good until I realize that Superhosting is using non standard SSH port, fortunately I can still using rsync with setting "-e" parameter This will copy all content from account www directory to /tmp/copy on new machine.

Install php 5.3.12 on ubuntu 14.04

Published on 20.11.2014
Installation from source code is not difficult but I want to share how to do it with older php version on Ubuntu 14.04
First of all we need to get php source code and extract it into some directory
After that we must install some libraries: And of course After that we create Makefile. In this case we will install php in /usr/share/php5.3.12 After that Result must be this: result 1
result 2

Stop tracking file on git

Published on 03.11.2014
I have one config file on remote server which I won't be tracked on git repo. Usualy hiding/ignoring files with git is super easy. For this problem we can just use:
Example: Simple and effective :)

More information about git-update-index can be found here